Hello, I’m Rangoon Ricky. I’m an artist first, then a business man. This is in my blood. I’m a professional tattooist with over 45 years experience that started in Vietnam. I’ve been in the same location servicing the Bay Area over 35 years, no fly by night operation here.

You won’t find Tom, Dick or Harry here, ONLY Rangoon Ricky, I work by myself, a one man art gallery! I have a large, comfortable, very clean and unique studio to accommodate individuals or groups. Plenty of games, cards, and puzzles to keep you busy while waiting on your friends to get done.

Your tattoo is just as important to me as it is to you because it’s my business card to everyone else that sees it. That’s why the quality HAS TO be in it.

My artwork speaks for itself. Nuff said on it, just check it out!!

I am BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN CERTIFIED! Autoclave on premises and fresh single use only needles. I use the best quality inks and supplies.

I do any style you need; Old School, Japanese, Black & Gray to New School, Custom Drawn or bring a picture in.

I specialize in all types of custom letting from the simplest to totally awesome custom designed with drop shading, powder shaded or with color and designs. Bring in your own ideas or have some ones personal signature done. Now how cool is that?

Cover-up and repairs are a specialty of mine. And not ones that you’ll still see the former design in after it’s done. I mean it will be custom designed for you and to work!

I have thousands of pre-drawn designs on flash sheets and 53 different design books. Also filing cabinets FULL of reference books to put together that totally awesome one of a kind personal CUSTOM PIECE.

I also trade for various items of need. It can’t hurt to ask if I’m interested in what you’ve got, from merchandise to professional labor to collectibles.

PLEASE Call with any questions, concerns or for directions.

And thanks for checkin me out.

Tattooingly Yours,

Rangoon Ricky